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March 1, 2013 / Puneesh Suri

1:51 AM

The big hero of your pocket sized heart
is scratching on its red moon walls
collecting arrows and the sharpest dart.
He lies entangled in the termites of veins
that eat away freedom
and build new chains.
Sleep deprived by the sound of the clock
he fails to escape in time
so he waits and drinks on your wine,
restless to board the ship at the sand laden dock
he stays awake,
bangs on the door without a lock.
He keeps at it for a thousand years
relentless, he starts again from the start
like the crazy eyed soldier without any fears.
In between the war he sits up to breathe
wide awake in his recurring lucid dream,
blankets the room around him and curls up his feet,
he chooses defeat in a heartbeat.

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September 15, 2012 / Puneesh Suri

mono | logue

An idea that was born out of monotony has taken its form in an audio-visual. What began with just a melody, is now a monologue of three minutes and twelve seconds devised by Puneesh Suri and Reshna Banerjee.

The song was created by Puneesh inside his humble home studio. During an informal listening-session with Reshna, it was derived that the song depicts the infinite-loop of reality in between an everyday quintessential monologue. It was then conceived that the song must be documented with visuals that draw metaphorical parallels to the core idea of the track. As per Reshna’s vision of the video, the duo decided to tread the streets of Delhi to create a story and consummate it with a connecting element. The element was not just created but also performed by Reshna herself.

Press play to start the | monologue.


September 14, 2012 / Puneesh Suri

pre | view




Puneesh Suri from ar[t]runk and Reshna Banerjee from 1:51 am are collaborating on a project.


Watch this space for more.


June 22, 2012 / Puneesh Suri

a | vivid tale

Inside the heart of the heart of India, lives an artist who hasn’t sold any of his early artworks but has just one left in his possession. These early artworks happened over five decades ago.

Pujaaran | Watercolours on Paper
(Ravi’s only surviving artwork from 1950)

Ravinder Kumar Suri a.k.a Ravi spends hours experimenting with pretty much everything that’s around him inside his humble home-studio in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. His romance with this creative process began in 1950 when he started painting using watercolors as his medium of expression. In 1956, Ravi held his first and only exhibition showcasing over 30 artworks. Among some beautiful paintings and murals were a few life-size art installations created by meticulously bending aluminum wires, a form that expanded his creative spectrum towards the unique and unconventional.

Ravinder Kumar Suri

During one of our many conversations inside his studio, I found out that Ravi’s love for art remained platonic for over five decades. He dropped the brush in 1960 with no thoughts of ever picking it up again.

Urban Chaos | Watercolours & Flour on Paper

Since Ravi was never a commercial artist, he failed to quote a price for his existing artworks. He would happily give away his paintings to friends or relatives who appreciated his work. He vaguely remembers giving some away to random admirers appearing out of nowhere. Whatever remained as the residue of Ravi’s generosity was destroyed by a heavy storm during the mid 60s.

The Thumb | Watercolours on Paper

In 2008, Ravi was motivated by his eldest grandson Girish Suri to go back to pigments and brushes. It was quite a struggle for Ravi to shed the dust off his shoulders initially.

Ascension | Watercolours on Paper

Moving from one failure to another, Ravi’s willingness to create kept him going. After 2 years of undying commitment and hard work, his thoughts and skills started to evolve.

Stellar | Watercolours on Paper

He started discovering and inventing surreal techniques using knives, forks, combs, fabrics, flour and many other tools and mediums that inspire him to create.

Dhyaaan | Pencil on Paper

When asked about his plans, here is what Ravi had to say: “I will not stop doing what I do as I do it purely for the sake of art and not money. If money happens, it happens.”


March 30, 2012 / Puneesh Suri

where do we go | now

It’s a dream. It’s a nightmare. Either way, it’s not reality. But, it’s real.

World Peace is trapped inside a cage and humanity is trapped in time. Two red hands slap you in the face and command you to stop. Gazing at the yellow light, you stop and think. Either way, you don’t walk.

Where do we go | NOW.


February 4, 2012 / Puneesh Suri

ode | to an artist

Today, I woke up with an unexplainable discomfort. My eyes opened to a virtually colorless ceiling and a mind hauntingly thoughtless. The only comfort was my familiarity with this void. Even though I was subtly aware of the impermanence of it, the daunting ignorance caused by it’s presence seemed interminable. There was an unforgiving need to not be alone but I didn’t know how, until I saw this:

Puneesh Suri | by Artboy68

“My Dad told me once that I was not an artist, because at the time I wasn’t making any art.  So I’ve been a professional woodworker for the past 20 years.  But alas, the repressed artist in me has come out like a festering sliver: slowly and painfully.” – Artboy68

Artboy68 is a phenomenal artist who experiences creativity as an emotion. Through 100 PORTRAITS, Artboy68 has instilled a feeling of belongingness in many others who appreciate art and its creators. I feel honored to be a part of this amazing project.

If you haven’t yet, click on Artboy68 now!


January 3, 2012 / Puneesh Suri

moon | hooch

Much of what happens on the surface of our dear mother Earth is but an effect of what happens underneath.

Cave Music | a phenomenon that’s catalyzing subtle variations in natural processes such as music, dance and celebration. The effect, hovering over New York, is a wave of eccentricity that causes people to sway with the rhythm of randomness and forget about the mundane inhibitions of this century.

The cause, felt three levels under Union Square, is | Moon Hooch

JamesMike and Wenzl – the cave dwellers – met at The New School of Jazz during the summer of 2010. Their journey to the discovery of cave music began with busking in NY. The magic of their unique style of music spread like jungle fire and before they knew it, they had a dedicated underground following. It was no longer unusual for people to get off their trains only to break it loose to the lustrous aura of | Moon Hooch.

James Muschler | Drums

Wenzl McGowen | Tenor Saxophone

Michael Avery Wilbur | Tenor Saxophone

Their sound is the culmination of two entrancing tenor saxophones embracing the sizzles and rattles of cymbals and drums. The sanity of this experience lies only in its lunacy, the visual counterpart of which could be the magnificence of a roaring waterfall landing on a bed of rocks – a hybrid of restlessness and serenity.

These are a few moments extracted from a regular weekend under Union Square.

Courtesy | Moon Hooch.

For information & downloads | visit


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