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February 4, 2012 / Puneesh Suri

ode | to an artist

Today, I woke up with an unexplainable discomfort. My eyes opened to a virtually colorless ceiling and a mind hauntingly thoughtless. The only comfort was my familiarity with this void. Even though I was subtly aware of the impermanence of it, the daunting ignorance caused by it’s presence seemed interminable. There was an unforgiving need to not be alone but I didn’t know how, until I saw this:

Puneesh Suri | by Artboy68

“My Dad told me once that I was not an artist, because at the time I wasn’t making any art.  So I’ve been a professional woodworker for the past 20 years.  But alas, the repressed artist in me has come out like a festering sliver: slowly and painfully.” – Artboy68

Artboy68 is a phenomenal artist who experiences creativity as an emotion. Through 100 PORTRAITS, Artboy68 has instilled a feeling of belongingness in many others who appreciate art and its creators. I feel honored to be a part of this amazing project.

If you haven’t yet, click on Artboy68 now!




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  1. lesleehare / Feb 4 2012 01:12

    You nailed that one, Puneesh! Welcome and happy to know you! Leslee 😀

  2. proje(K)tor / Feb 4 2012 06:34


  3. artboy68 / Feb 6 2012 00:37

    Wow, fantastic Puneesh! you honor me!

    • Puneesh Suri / Feb 15 2012 23:36

      Thank you Scott. Keep the great stuff coming.

  4. Jayesh / Feb 15 2012 13:50

    Your blog brings me smile…:)

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