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January 3, 2012 / Puneesh Suri

moon | hooch

Much of what happens on the surface of our dear mother Earth is but an effect of what happens underneath.

Cave Music | a phenomenon that’s catalyzing subtle variations in natural processes such as music, dance and celebration. The effect, hovering over New York, is a wave of eccentricity that causes people to sway with the rhythm of randomness and forget about the mundane inhibitions of this century.

The cause, felt three levels under Union Square, is | Moon Hooch

JamesMike and Wenzl – the cave dwellers – met at The New School of Jazz during the summer of 2010. Their journey to the discovery of cave music began with busking in NY. The magic of their unique style of music spread like jungle fire and before they knew it, they had a dedicated underground following. It was no longer unusual for people to get off their trains only to break it loose to the lustrous aura of | Moon Hooch.

James Muschler | Drums

Wenzl McGowen | Tenor Saxophone

Michael Avery Wilbur | Tenor Saxophone

Their sound is the culmination of two entrancing tenor saxophones embracing the sizzles and rattles of cymbals and drums. The sanity of this experience lies only in its lunacy, the visual counterpart of which could be the magnificence of a roaring waterfall landing on a bed of rocks – a hybrid of restlessness and serenity.

These are a few moments extracted from a regular weekend under Union Square.

Courtesy | Moon Hooch.

For information & downloads | visit



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