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December 21, 2011 / Puneesh Suri

watch | your step

Step on man must you not | dear man.

New York, the metropolitical market where products and services wear workboots and head to their shelves every morning. It’s that part of the day when the sidewalk matrix turns into an extremely complex ant trail.

It’s believed that ants construct their pheromone trails to bring food into the colony. The purpose, contrary to context, is to conquer starvation. Prevent colony famine. Social welfare. Alas | that’s their story.

This story, concordant to context, is his.

I believe he was left here by an artist named Paul Richard in 2010. I could be wrong | if at all it matters.

Stepped on man have you not | dear man?




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  1. Reshna / Dec 21 2011 06:29

    What a beautiful photo-story, you have such great insight, and bring out today’s angst very well through the symbolic painting and the passerby. Shows us how there may be a great story hiding under our lives and how we keep missing it.

    • Puneesh Suri / Dec 21 2011 14:14

      ‘How we keep missing it.’ Yes, that’s true. And often, it is not about overlooking ‘the important’ but ‘the obvious’.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

  2. Jayesh / Dec 22 2011 02:08

    Beautiful. I remember he accompanying us for a smoke, always.

    I hope his artist “Paul” stumbles upon your blog someday.

  3. madisoncary / Feb 2 2012 17:41

    stumbled-upon you via artboy68 — love your blog!

    • Puneesh Suri / Feb 4 2012 01:16

      Hey! Thanks for putting it like that. Feels great!

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