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December 12, 2011 / Puneesh Suri

all things must pass | the beatles

All it takes to overcome a bad feeling, is a good feeling. This axiom may or may not hold true for all or some. Then again, what does?

There I was, amidst crooked smoke rings, reminiscing the good old feeling of being able to press play at will. I was finally coming to terms with the absence of my iPod. It happened two weeks ago. I lost it. Where & How – I wish I knew. I was very close to deciding whether I should laugh or cry. To my rescue came The Beatles, speaking words of wisdom | let it be.

It was fairly easy, especially with the abundance of clues that were later found. In my collection of pictures from that day, there were some that spoke very clearly of a presence that’s rather felt than seen. The sounds I had lost came back and surrounded me.


It was a black bird singing in the dead of night.

The Beatles | don’t leave you.




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  1. Anonymous / Dec 13 2011 10:13

    glad to meet you on the other side of the road puneesh |

    dont know if its the road that took a you turn or its perspective in your head |

    quite like the spirit of your expression .

    you have changed . for good.

    my intuition : you have opened up the possibilities of having the latest breed of ipods.

    keep this coming.

    ps: keep it going.

    • Puneesh Suri / Dec 24 2011 21:47

      Dear Anonymous,

      It doesn’t matter if it’s the road or it’s perspective. We just have to keep walking. I’m glad this turn seems right to you.

      PS: Keep Coming

  2. LadyT / Jan 25 2012 00:35

    I love that song… “let it be” are words of wisdom indeed, great photos btw

  3. lesleehare / Feb 3 2012 12:50

    Happy to find you thru artboy, puneesh!

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