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December 5, 2011 / Puneesh Suri

drums | buckets | madness

Through the holiday market at Union Square, I am walking towards Heartland Brewery. The market is like a giant rolling ball maze and I am one of the few hundred rolling balls. As I make my way through the red and white huts and walk towards the brewery for obvious reasons, I hear massive percussive sounds from a distance. From where I stand, it is hard to distinguish one hit from another. As I’m walking closer, the hits are clearer and I can identify kick drum, snare drum & cymbals among other enthralling sounds. It seems impossible to get past the crowd that’s gathered to see these performers, but curiosity has its ways.

I’m now on the other side of the crowd, witnessing drums | buckets | madness.

Peter Rabbit & Tyrone ‘LOCKATRON’ Hamlette | better known as New York City Drums & Buckets.

Born and raised in The Bronx and Harlem, Pete and Lock make a living by performing on streets that tremble with the energy of their music. Being face to face with an audience is what brings out the best in them. Although they perform at various venues in the city that never sleeps, they consider busking their main occupation. From dawn to dusk they play, with a handful of ten-minute breaks that are usually spent smoking a cigarette or talking to a random stranger like yours truly. I stayed with them for over an hour and then left for the brewery, only to get four dollars and ninety nine cents from my friends Dhaval & Karolina to buy the New York City Drums & Buckets CD. Lock generously gave me two for the price of one.

Finally, after watching another awesome performance by Pete & Lock, I went to the brewery | for obvious reasons.



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  1. artboy68 / Feb 2 2012 02:07

    Wicked awesome.

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