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December 3, 2011 / Puneesh Suri

saw lady

As intriguing or haunting as the name may be, Saw Lady will mesmerize you with the captivating sound of her saw.

During my days at the audio school, I would spend a few dull moments of my afternoons waiting for the uptown express train at Union Square Subway Station. On one such afternoon, I heard wind singing through the commotion of the underground subway. I couldn’t help but follow the sound to find its source.

And I did!

I stood there gazing in awe and wondering – is this gorgeous woman with the giant blade real | or a figment of my imagination? Lost inside her closed eyes, she played like she was turning a blizzard into a breeze that flew in accordance with the voice of her saw. Once every few seconds, she would open her eyes to observe the harmony and share a smile with her audience.

Natalia Paruz | The Saw Lady was born in Israel but is living in NY since a very long time. Amazingly, as a child Natalia never dreamed of becoming a professional saw player. A trainee with Martha Graham Contemporary Dance Company, Natalia’s quest in life was to become a dance performer. One day, on her way back from Lincoln Center, she met with a fatal car accident while crossing Central Park South. Her dream died right there, leaving her at sea.

Before her life could slip through her fingers | the saw found her. The first time she ever felt excited about something since the accident was when she witnessed a man playing the saw at a show for tourists in Europe. It was as if nature just pointed the way to her. A self-taught saw player, Natalia has worked with renowned record labels such as Universal Records, Capitol Records & Atlantic Records.

It’s been a year and a half since I first saw Natalia Paruz. I still often wonder – is this gorgeous woman with the giant blade real | or a figment of my imagination?

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  1. Roma Bhatia / Dec 4 2011 13:13

    couldn’t imagine that saw could be used as a musical instrument sooooo beautifully. wonderful melody, touched my heart.Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Puneesh Suri / Dec 4 2011 18:08

      Yes! That’s what I felt when I first saw it. It is truly a wonderful instrument and Natalia is an amazing artist.

  2. puneet surii / Dec 5 2011 07:54

    wah punnu wah…

  3. Saw Lady / Dec 6 2011 22:48

    Thank you, Puneesh, for your amazingly kind words! And for the photos – a nice souvenir for me from a nice day. It is people like you that make the experience of playing in the subway such a nice one for me.
    I really like your description of the sound you heard as “wind singing”. You have the ears of a sound engineer combined with a poet’s heart.

  4. Puneesh Suri / Dec 7 2011 00:32

    Thank you for your wonderful comment and kind words Saw Lady. This is just the aftereffect of your music.

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