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November 22, 2011 / Puneesh Suri

baul [bah-oo’l]

origin: unknown

I am the enigma | I am the obvious
I am the silence | I am the sound
I am the end | I am the beginning
I am | Baul

Parvathy Baul

Tune, Rhythm & Lyric. Such an experience it is to merely see these words written together. An incessant clutch or a passing thought, what is it that cannot be or become of the culmination of these radical elements?


Relevant is, what can?

Paban Das Baul & Bob Dylan

Moner Manush – The Person of the Heart. The embodiment of the three radical elements – Tune, Rhythm & Lyric. The one who seeks divinity within human form through Music. The one whose life, in its entirety, is a song.

In the absence of an absolute direction, he treads on land and along the sea. His only companions are his medium of creative expression, his instruments – Ektara & Duggi. This madcap explores the infinite faces of existence as he sings songs that emanate transcendental love. An act of renunciation, as one may perceive, but beyond the blur of perception, it’s the act of succumbing to the deepest celebration, the ecstasy – Music.

It is the act of becoming | baul.

Ecstatic Bauls





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  1. Reshna / Nov 29 2011 12:27

    Welcome to the world of the written word. This blog seems to be set out to serve as a great read for anyone who likes to learn more about any form of art as art always instigates intrigue. The piece on Bauls is fantastically written and really does throw light on the madness that surrounds the bauls and their lives. The fact that their sound is reverberating everywhere across the universe does say a lot about them. You have spread the sound even further. Great job. As somebody once said-Im Baul-ed over.

    • Puneesh Suri / Dec 5 2011 11:12

      Thank you for such kind words Reshna. I would have not explored writing or Bauls if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for pointing the way to me.

  2. proje(K)tor / Dec 24 2011 02:24

    The light shed by you on this ‘ecstatic’ piece of music divine has educated another mind. It was because of Baul that I was introduced to a sensational piece of literature. Thank you for sharing.

    My apologies for the delay.

    yours truly

    – the proje(K)tionist

    • Puneesh Suri / Dec 24 2011 21:58

      Thank you for your kind words. The experience of Baul music, I believe, is a body of knowledge in itself. It’s an opening to another world, where life means life.

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